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The Musings of a True Oddball
Castor-Pollux 4 
Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 4:01 am
I'm Batman.
Title: Castor-Pollux 4
Prompt: 65. Passing
Universe: Newcomer-verse

It's three weeks into the rebellion on Castor-Pollux 4, and I'm hiding out in a bar somewhere in some rundown little town in the mountains. We just got off a three-month stint in a prison on some aquatic planet with a name I can't pronounce, and went right back to work, convincing governments that their mechanical citizens deserve the same rights and freedoms as their organic ones. It's a difficult job sometimes, but when all else fails, we go to the people and have them fight the battle for themselves.

I see him before he sees me. He hasn't changed: still tall and thin, same brown pinstripe getup. I cough, trying to get his attention. When he turns around, I smile at him and stand up.

"Hello, Doctor."

"Bethany! It's been a while," he says, scooping me up into a hug.

"It certainly has. Where's Emma?" I ask. "I haven't heard from her in a while, I hope nothing's happened."

"Oh she's fine. She's sleeping at the moment, but I felt like taking a look around the area."

"Oh good. It's been a bit of time since I've gotten a phone call, I was getting concerned. But then, I've been busy with my own life and all. I've picked up a few new hobbies."

"Yes, so I've heard. Starting wars," he sneers. An android barmaid approaches him, asking if he planned to order anything. He asks for water, and she goes off, a bit annoyed, but not before exchanging a knowing smile with me.

"I prefer to call them revolutions," I say smugly, moving over so he can sit down. "And it's not like we're fighting the wars, we're just... inciting dissent. We never act violently. We're as diplomatic as possible."

"Then why are you carrying that?" he asks, pointing to the gun on the table.

"Well just because we're diplomatic doesn't mean we're met with diplomacy in return. This is just a precaution. Some people aren't as nice as you are, you know."

He still eyes it cautiously until I take it off the table and holster it. The barmaid comes back with his water and a drink for me. I go to pay, but she insists that it's "on the house."

"You pay for much these days?" he asks, sipping his drink.

"No, actually. Most of what we need is provided by those that we've helped. Everything else, well, that's another story."

"And what do you mean by that?"

"We take it."

"So you're a war-monger and a thief? You really have changed since you left me."

"This is coming from the man who repeatedly cheats the system using a sonic screwdriver and psychic paper?" He just looks at me. "Oh, suddenly you can't say anything back. Anyway, enough about my exploits, what have you and Emma been up to? Anything interesting?"

"Oh, a little of this, little of that. Exploring, saving people, the like. You look good, have you lost some weight?"

"Yeah. Prison tends to make that happen," I say, taking a swig of my drink. I've moved on to the stronger stuff lately, it's more appropriate. "Luckily we got to share a cell, being married and all."

His face lights up. "Oh really, congratulations! Does Emma know this?"

"No, she doesn't. And by the way, could you maybe keep hush about seeing me? I think she might be upset that we got to catch up without her."

He nods. "Anyway, the marriage. Is it on Zelora, or is it an intergalactic license?"

"Zeloran. Intergalactic doesn't exist in my or her time, and we wanted to be able to take advantage of the benefits a Zeloran marriage has to offer."

"Ah yes, the aura binding ceremony. Does that mean that you have...?"

"The telepathy? Yes. It's very useful in our situation. Good for strategies and such. Not to mention the connection we have. It really is great."

"When did you do it? Recently?"

"About a month after I left you two. We went back to Earth, back to Boston, to tie up the loose ends there, then went back to her home planet to do the same. We still have the house there, that's our home base, I guess. We've been back a few times, to recuperate and such..."

I trail off because Liana's calling for me. She sounds distressed.

<Bethany, we gotta get out of here. They've found us, and they aren't happy!>

<Okay, I'm heading out then.> I jump up out of my seat and turn to The Doctor. "I'm sorry to leave in such a rush, Doctor, but it seems that the government has figured out where we are, and we need to move out. Say hello to Emma for me, won't you?"

"Sure thing. Now get out of here. I'll tell them I never saw you."

"Thanks, Doctor. Hey, look me up some time, I'm sure I'm in the news, just not under my real name."

"Will do. What name are you using nowadays?"

As I leave, I yell back to him "I'm Doctor J. Evan Wilson. But some people just call me 'The Doctor!'"
Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 5:56 pm (UTC) - I called it!!!
I said it would be N-world, didn't I? I was right for once! \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/

Okay, I'll stop with the self-celebration now. I am loving Unexpectedly Badass Bethany...okay, well, it was totally expected, who am I kidding? I am especially loving her new nickname. ;)
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